Illustrationer till tidskriften Bang om den mansdominerade akademivärlden som tvingade den berömda forskaren Eva Lindgren att avgå.


The idea behind "Nordic Delight" and the motifs "Sill och potatis" ("Herring and potatoes") and "Julskinka" ("Christmas ham") came to me in early 2016 after an unprecedented number of asylum seekers arrived in Sweden. I reflected on the positive effects of a country in transformation and also played with Swedish traditions in forms some Swedes might consider exotic.

These patterns have been created together with craftsmen in Esfahan in Iran. The city has a long tradition of craftsmanship where the preservation of old motifs has been predominant for centuries. Nordic delight has been exhibited in the  group show Textila Undertexter in Stockholm and is a part of the National Museum's collection in Sweden.

Sill & Potatis




Essä om blocktryck teknik och mina mönster publicerad i tidningen Tecknaren

Länk till essän

I made this pattern for k.ö.k. My idea was simply illustrating what this women center is about. I had unity in diversity in my mind while I was sketching. Pattern is designed to be used both in profile design of k.ö.k and interior design. 

k.ö.k (Kvinnor önskar kollektivitet – Women Desire Collectivity) experiments with ways to build a feminist institution from within the existing community of The Women’s Centre in Tensta Hjulsta (Kvinnocenter i Tensta Hjulsta, KITH). The centre is a self-organised meeting place for women with diverse backgrounds, to share skills, learn languages and form friendships.