Morgiana is a clever girl from Ali Baba and the forty thieves. With her wittiness she conquers the leader of the forty thieves. These illustrations are about new racism and exotism. For the magazine Ful.

My experiences such as belonging to a minority group in Iran, growing up in Iran as a woman, and my living in Sweden as an immigrant helped me to realize that one can easily be categorized as “the other” in a society. Even though the forms of categorization might be different in different societies. My “otherness” in Iran was direct and visible, while, in Sweden, it is indirect and invisible.

I am fortunate because I am an artist and this gives me an opportunity to question and play with certain stereotypical images by which I am illustrated as a woman, a member of a minority and an immigrant. These images depict me either as an exotic woman the way it is portrayed in ancient oriental books or as a black-veiled woman, a victim of Islamic societies, as it is portrayed by the mainstream media in the West. Recently I read that according to cognitive neuroscience studies, the brain of biased people works and reacts differently than those of unbiased ones. I don’t know how reliable these studies are, but I see certain behavioural pattern in biased people actions. I can notice the fear when they encounter “the other”, which leads to their racist action or their viewing me as an exotic creature.


A magical, musical play with a female hero, Farizadeh. Based on a story from "One thousand and one nights".

She had a rosy smile and hair velvet. She went hunting with her brothers. She was a master in secret sciences (For Scenkonst Sörmland).


Illustration for the Swedish feminist magazine Bang. A text about female nurses working condition at retierment homes.

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...Just nu är det jättemycket på jobbet. Jag är uppe i åren, det är fyra år kvar tills jag pensioneras, jag orkar inte kämpa för mycket eller bråka. Orkar inte tänka. Jag orkar inte tänka på feminismen eller förändringar. Jag tror att jag är uppfostrad till att hålla mig i bakgrunden och veta min plats. Det finns en rädsla att sticka ut, även om jag har blivit mer medveten om kvinnofrågor tack vare min dotter. Jag kan så att säga märka av denna situation (ur texten).



Skyddrummet (Shelter) is a series of illustrations for a theater script written by  Isa Schöier. The story is about a migrant family, their apathetic child, people around them and the story of their migration and deportation.



Illustrations made for an anthology published by swedish political party F! (Feministic Initiative)


I was asked by the magazine Ful to make a series of illustration about censorship.  I used Rotring radiograph to make these works. As the illustrations were based on my own experience I chose a pen to draw which was my major tool during those years which are illustrated here. 



 A series of illustration about youth and children's right in Sweden. "Politiska konstruktioner av svenskhet" is issued by the Association of Swedish Student Councils – SVEA, a union for student councils that works with national representative student bodies focusing on school democracy and pupils' participation, guided by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The report challenges the racist tendencies and discrimination on the basis of ethnicity within the nation's political and social context, which are not compatible with the general idea of democracy, human rights and equality.

Portraits for SVEA


The music band Urban Turban


Illustration for the magazine Bang about the male dominated world of academy which made Eva Lindgren the famous researcher to resign. 


This illustration is about the terror attack at French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. For the magazine TecknarenTecknaren is the magazine of  The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers.


Blå (Blue) is a graphic novel about a woman who find her way out through fables and stories. Fables and stories which has been told about her since the beginning of history. I came to idea of this story once I was walking in Beijing's Hutongs and decided to draw it down several months later after watching the great movie Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.

The book is available just Swedish.

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This 20 meter long wall is located in Helsinki at the Nordiskt bibliotek. I chose llustrations from a story that I am working on right now for the painting, as the wall is located in a library. The story of Border Line is pending between the real and unreal. We meet a woman in a center for mental disorder recovery. She tells us the story that she told the migration agency several years before, after she had crossed the border from her country. The story which gave her permission to stay in the new land and at the same time sent her to the recovery center. She tells us about an abandoned well that has ears to listen with, plants that talk and a sleeping body waiting for rescue in a mysterious house...