The idea behind "Nordic Delight" and the motifs "Sill och potatis" ("Herring and potatoes") and "Julskinka" ("Christmas ham") came to me in early 2016 after an unprecedented number of asylum seekers arrived in Sweden. I reflected on the positive effects of a country in transformation and also played with Swedish traditions in forms some Swedes might consider exotic.

These patterns have been created together with craftsmen in Esfahan in Iran. The city has a long tradition of craftsmanship where the preservation of old motifs has been predominant for centuries. Nordic delight has been exhibited in the  group show Textila Undertexter in Stockholm and is a part of the National Museum's collection in Sweden.

Sill & Potatis




I drew works while I was staying in the mountain city of Chongqing in China. Many outsiders have never heard of this city, yet it is on its way to become one of the planet’s mega cities, with an urban population of  ten millions that will double again after 2020. Chongqing lies between the dark waters of the Jialing river and the chocolate-coloured Yangtze. Mountains surround the city. People who live here climb up the mountain tops to shout out loud down toward the gloomy city. I was in Chongqing for seventeen weeks, teaching illustration. I was leaving in a hosue on the top of the mountain and I woke up almost every weekend, hearing people shouting out. It made me to think about  fear, happiness and sorrow.

Size 18 x 24 cm, digital print on tick paper with very high quality, 95 € each. Please email me for further information and order. 


Bild till 125-årsjubileum för Alfa Laval. Temat är "Skapa bättre vardagliga förhållanden för människor".

Jag blev ombedd att integrera element relaterade till tre huvudområden i Alfa Lavals arbetsfokus: energi, miljö och mat. Senare vävdes en handgjord matta av Märta Måås-Fjetterström Studio. Mattan var en del av Märta Måås Fjetterström retrospektiva utställning på Liljevalchs Konsthall i Stockholm.


This 20 meter long wall is located in Helsinki at the Nordiskt bibliotek. I chose llustrations from a story that I am working on right now for the painting, as the wall is located in a library. The story of Border Line is pending between the real and unreal. We meet a woman in a center for mental disorder recovery. She tells us the story that she told the migration agency several years before, after she had crossed the border from her country. The story which gave her permission to stay in the new land and at the same time sent her to the recovery center. She tells us about an abandoned well that has ears to listen with, plants that talk and a sleeping body waiting for rescue in a mysterious house...